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Alternative Careers

Choose your skill-No prior experiance is needed


Jewelry Designing

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Learn Jewelry design from Amita Nath,an Experianced Designer and an Jewelry entrepreneur 
5 desigins

Crochet and Knitting

Colorful Knitting

Learn Crochet,camisole and knitting  Advanced course from Anmol,an Expert in Knitting
4 Sundays
Live zoom meetings
1.5 hour
@ 2800/-

Arts Classes:

Jewelry Sketches

Mandala Art

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Dance: Odissi 


Learn Odissi Dance fromAmita Nath,She has an experiance Of more than 18 year in dance

Turn Skillset into Business:

Business Plan

Know how to convert your
Passion or Skillset into Business by Mrs.Nidhi Mehta,a veteran from Silcon valley and an
Advisor to Skill2Earn

Generic session for all skills.

Live Zoom meeting.
1 hour session.


Art Class Girl

Convert your Artistic skills
into business by Mrs.Nidhi Mehta,a Veteran from sillicon valley and an

Live Zoom meeting.
1 hour session.


Spice Cookies

Convert your Bakery skills
into business by Mrs.Nidhi Mehta,a veteran from Silicon Valley and Advisor(Skill2Earn)

Live Zoom meeting.
1 hour session.


Advisor and Business conultant-All domains

NidhiBanthiaMehta pic.webp

About Nidhi Banthia Mehta:
Nidhi Banthia Mehta is an entrepreneur, writer, a force for women empowerment through entrepreneurship, an evangelist for refugee entrepreneurship, philanthropist & an unstoppable energy dedicated to helping others achieve their career goals and live to their highest potential.

Business consultant for IT


About Naidu javvadi
He is an expert in  IT-Business Development, Business Consulting, Digital Ad Sales, Project Management, ecommerce, Competitive analysis and Market research, Leadership, Innovation, Human Resource management.

Business consultant-Arts

shalini singh.jpg

About Shalini Singh
Expertise- branding, promotion, marketing, networking- creating market linkage.Mentored around 40 pre -seed and around 40 seed stage startups from  from proofreading the blueprint of the startup ideas to their land to mkt execution.Financial education to start up is her experise.

Our Indian Art workshops online during the covid-2019

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