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Course Details:

Drawing Fundamentals:Basics of sketching Short course 

About the course:
In this course of drawing fundamentals, you are going to inculcate and explore the basic skills that you require to be successful at drawing, This is designed for complete beginners who wish to get a kick start at sketching.

Lessons:4(first lesson is free)

Cost of the course: Rs. 1000/-

After the course:Worksheets will be provided in pdf formats and parts of the same will be solved in the video tutorial.

Lesson 1: Learn your tools (Free) 
What is the right technique of holding and using a graphite pencil?
What are different grades of pencils/papers, blending stumps etc.
Using your tools to measure your subjects for an accurate drawing.

Lesson 2: Basics of pencil shading and blending 
How to do pencil shading using different grades of pencils?
Art of gradation 
Types of shading techniques
Art of blending and Exercises

Lesson 3:Drawing shapes using pencil shading
Drawing 2d shapes 
Drawing 3d shapes
Use of lighting in your drawings

Lesson 4:Drawing everyday objects  
Drawing objects with pencil shading  Compositions
Workbook exercises Example images of the course pasted below

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